Company Scope


ACHB ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.  was founded in Tainan, Taiwan, in 1999 in the country’s former capital. Today this thriving city on the southwest coast sets the pace for international trade and commerce.


ACHB began by producing high-precision mechanical components and has evolved into an engineering and manufacturing services firm supplying innovative, high-complexity products across heavily regulated global industries, with a focus on the Medical and Life Sciences.  In 2005, ACHB became the first Taiwan machining provider of critical flow-path components for High-Performance & Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC/UHPLC).


2010 saw the installation of robotic arms in our facility, as well as an ERP system to optimize our business processes. In 2016 we moved to a larger state-of-the-art production plant. 

Since its inception, the company has been governed by its core values:





These core values shape the culture and define the characteristics of ACHB. It’s how the employees and management team behave and make decisions. ACHB always complies with the highest quality standards while ultimately committed to our customer success.